Let Justice Be Done

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As if the year wasn’t already going great for me – – as if I weren’t having great profits trading – – as if Slope wasn’t gathering subscribers so fast, it might as well go public – – THIS hits the wire:


Knowing that these amoral blood-sucking leeches – – Adam Neumann and his hideous, long-faced wife, Rebekkkkkkkkah, aren’t going to get to seize billions of dollars of ill-gotten cash, makes me drop to my knees and thank Jesus Christ almighty. I am absolutely thrilled that these selfish, soulless vermin are getting the shaft. Absolutely despicable sub-humans. I hope the bad news continues to rain down on their revolting heads, in the form of lawsuits, criminal proceedings, and other mayhem from heaven. Amen. Not since Elizabeth Holmes have I been this pleased.