My Finest Hour

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And what did today bring us? Pablum. Reassurances. Sleight of hand. And that cocaine-snorting Kudlow threatening equity bears with his so-called Ultimate Bazooka. Thus, the market soared again, approaching a SIX THOUSAND POINT GAIN on the Dow in just a couple of weeks.

And what did Tim do about it? Cry? Cower? Tremble in fear? Buy stocks like Kudlow demanded? Hell, no! I boldly wrote a NOW NOW NOW post and shorted like a son of a bitch. Here, before a candid world, do I reveal my 50 shorts, all of which closed the day profitably.

Pick your hero. Choose your side. Align yourself with GOOD.

……….or EVIL.

May God smile upon his humble servant and lead Slopers to glorious victory.