Thank You, Leonardo!

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There’s just no two ways about it. Absolutely extraordinary.

In my epiphanic post from March 21st, I stated, in part, “Should we rally to 270.14, either now, or many weeks from now, that’s going to be a lead wall. It also, I believe, will mark the start of an even larger selloff.

Well, we did indeed rally, thanks to the impotent and treasonous Jerome Powell and even more evil Steve Mnuchin throwing trillions of dollars at our dying nation, but we didn’t even reach my target. Instead, it nailed – – and I mean NAILED – – the Fibonacci level. Just jaw-dropping. I’ve marked with an arrow my “epiphanic” target.

Here is a longer term view.

At this point, with the world collapsing around us, you might think the U.S. would get mixed up in a new war as a distraction. Oh, wait……….