Best of 2020: Part 7 of 8

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Preface to all eight parts: This year was an extraordinary one for the world and an amazing one for Slope. Our user base has grown, our site has dozens more features, and we are poised for a great 2021, which will be our sixteenth year in business. Out of the thousands of posts this year, we have picked some we believe you will enjoy re-reading the most.

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Looking ahead to the next election, believe it or not

Too Soon
The great ideas of the Internet bubble, finally come to life

Oh Hi Mark to Market
The utterly unreliable data from Zillow

Black Girls Code
If I worked at an actual publication they would never print this one

Defying the Rotation
Why I think small caps are in worse long-term trouble than anyone else

The Influence of Fed Balance Sheet Growth
A deep dive into why the Fed’s shenanigans push the markets around

Why Crypto Is Better
Bitcoin beats gold, hands down

Complacency to Fear and Back
An exploration of sentiment better than any we’ve seen before

The Carrington Event
The sun could snuff out modern civilization instantly

Flatten the Funhouse Mirrors
Why it is important to look at charts through the lens of money supply