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Wait, Tim, what? 2024? Are you kidding? Yeah, I’d like to say something about it.

2020 feels just like 2016. Two lousy candidates that no one really wants to vote for. Any “passion” about voting for one person is simply a vote AGAINST the other person. This occurred to me when I was sitting near a guy at an outdoor table going on at great length to his friends about how they should vote for Trump, even though they all hated him, because if he loses then they will lose their guns, their God, their jobs, and their freedom of speech. So voting seems based more out of fear than love.

The irony to this whole thing is that whoever wins is going to get The Crappiest Job In the World. Do you honestly think they can keep this simulation of prosperity going for four more years? Do you? Hell, they’re having to pull out all the stops and tell lies left, right, and sideways just to attempt to keep the plates spinning in the air for just a few more weeks.

What I’m trying to say is that The Shit Will Hit The Fan for whomever “wins” (and I definitely put wins in quotes for a reason), and that person will absolutely, 100% get blamed for it, even though it will hardly be that person’s fault. Let me say that again: yes, if things go absolutely to shit, I am saying here and now Trump is not to blame. He’ll just be in the very wrong place and the very wrong time.

But the vast majority of the public is too ignorant and stupid to realize that. They are going to blame whoever is sitting in the big chair. And, for that reason, the “echo effect” of the 2024 election is going to be astonishing. You think this election is nuts? Just wait until the next one.

Let’s say Biden wins. He raises taxes. He adopts a “soak the rich” policy. He stirs up populist rage against the upper class. Or, even more likely, the guy dies and Harris takes over and goes even harder to the left. Their “socialist” agenda evidently (though not really) destroys the economy. Just how extreme a right-wing neofascistic person do you think will win in a landslide?

Let’s say Trump wins. He drops taxes even more for the rich. He creates trillions of dollars of free money for the underclass to keep them from revolting. The dollar gets destroyed and loses its reserve status. His plutocratically-driven agenda evidently (though not really) destroys the economy. Just how left-wing/hard core socialist a person do you think will win in a landslide?

When this election is over, don’t offer me congratulations if Biden wins, and don’t laugh in my face if Trump wins. I honestly am not aligned with either of them. I sincerely don’t care. I’m merely an interested bystander. The time for America to have save itself has passed. I’m just here to watch the show.