Cancel Me

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Having witnessed this jaw-dropping clip, I feel compelled to say the following:

My name is Timothy Knight. As you might guess from my surname, my ancestry is English. For all practical purposes, I have 100% British blood in my veins.

I am a white, cisgender, heteronormative male. I married a woman my own age, and I loved her from the moment I saw her when we were just kids. Now we have children of our own, who themselves are cisgender, heteronormative, and in all respects thriving and successful. I have never been separated or divorced, nor has any member of my entire extended family for as far back as records exist.

I eat meat of all kinds. I have a particular fondness for the visceral pleasure of eating pork ribs. I have three dogs, and I happily give them bones from the meat I’ve eaten for them to crunch. I also have chickens and eat their eggs daily, although I treat the chickens themselves very kindly.

I live in the suburbs in a large, expensive house. I am in the 1%, although I love working and will do so until I die. I was raised a Christian and went to a Jesuit institute of higher learning. I enjoy offensive humor, although my adoration of it is not based on its offensiveness. I do not hesitate to tell jokes that would be upsetting to some people. I have a wicked sense of humor, and I understand humor is anchored in pain.

And although my politics would be considered left wing compared to some others on my website (yes, I own my own business, which is one in a series I have through my life), my reaction to the entire “woke” movement consists mostly of my stomach doing somersaults. I find hearing about the sexual preferences, urges, and frustrations of others to be tedious, as it is none of my business or concern. I would also say incidentally that a sibling of mine is gay, and when she told this Louisiana-born cracker her truth when I was a little boy, I instantly understood and had zero negative reaction, because I know we are all God’s creatures, and love is always a good thing.

Having said all this, I think it’s time to cancel me. Surely no one should be less welcome in this world.