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We’re still working on it, but I wanted to mention that SlopeCharts is now the beneficiary of a class of data it has never had before, which is futures/commodity daily data. It is accessed by way of the Futures Markets item in the Tools menu for SlopeCharts. (I will mention right from the start that the new futures data is just for Platinum subscribers, although the Energy menu, which is a special subset of data, is still available to all users, including free Sloper accounts).


Upon choosing the Futures Markets menu, a dialog box appears with a dropdown of the thirty-four different futures markets available. When you choose one of those, all available years is presented in a dropdown (with data back as far as the 1950s!) and, subsequent to choosing a year, you can choose a contract month. Once you click Done, voila, it will show the futures chart .


I’m a data nerd, so I find looking at these old contracts fascinating. We can see the crash of 1987:

slopechart ES

The economy shrinking with the Covid shutdown (this is copper):

slopechart HG

Crude oil explode higher when Iraq invaded Kuwait (take note how the rise began many days before the actual invasion took place!):

slopechart CL

The “head-fake” plunge in commodities during the Russian Coup of August 1991:

slopechart W

And the absolutely comic limitup-every-day followed by limitdown-every-day silver market when the Hunt Brothers tried to corner the silver market and destroyed their family fortune by doing so.

slopechart SI

We’re still putting the finishing touches on futures data (the data ends in March 2020 right now, plus we’re going to be adding continuous contracts), but I wanted to let everyone know what was cooking. You Platinum folks can access the individual futures contracts right this second.