Who Was That Masked Man?

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I know there is a very strong correlation between the red-ness and the blue-ness (politically speaking) of a given area and its disposition toward wearing face masks. I have to say, though, I’m very surprised at my experience today. The reason is that today, June 15th, is at long last (fifteen months in!) Californians can ditch their masks and go back to normal.

I suspect people would be flinging these things in the air………….making bonfires with them……….shouting shrieks of liberated joy. Want to know the reality from the ground? Not a change. None. At this very moment, I am typing this outside of Whole Foods. I intended to go in there, sans mask, but yet every person – – every single one – – had a mask on just like for the pats fifteen months. I have never been accused of being a rigid conformist, but since I didn’t want to look like a total asshole, I fished my trusty mask out of my pocket and donned it.

Sheesh, I seriously thought we were done with this crap.

On a happier note, Hudson Hawk is in expert hands now, and God bless all the volunteers and the work they do at the Silicon Valley Humane Society.