No Good Deed

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Greetings from the waiting room of America’s Tire in Redwood City. I did not intend to come here. However, upon the advice of many Slopers (particularly Myopia) I did not want to waste one more minute before I got this red-tailed hawk (yes, that’s what he turns out to be) into the hands of experts who can give him the best chance for survival.

This photo is not, of course, the critter in question, who is just a baby right now. He is shown below, in the back of my car. I know he looks upset, but he’s just stretching his wings.

He was so quiet and still all through the day, I figured I’d just take him up in the box. As I was driving, he sprung to life and figured it would be a great idea to roam around the back of the car, stretch his wings, and get limber. I spent most of the time praying he didn’t figure out how to climb up to the front and join me.

Anyway, some genius left a metal half-key in the road, and somehow that one inch piece of metal positioned itself beautifully to lodge into my rear right tire. It didn’t take long before I had a flat. I managed to make my way to this tire shop – – just me and Hudson Hawk, as I call him – – and let the guilty of not doing a post for a few hours bleed into my veins.

So that’s why I’m here. I’ll do a real post later. Promise. I have to tend to Hudson for the moment. And have a working vehicle.