Junk Mail

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When I checked the mail today, I had a number of these innocuous looking items:


Looks like junk mail, doesn’t it? Instead of a stamp, it just has the prepaid thing right on the envelope, printed. The notice mentions “important insurance policy information”, which these days typically means an updated Privacy Policy that no one cares about. I mean, honestly, how many millions upon millions of dollars have been poured into mailing out those privacy policy notices that no one in the history of the world has ever read, ever?

But at least it wasn’t yet another scary-looking letter from the IRS which simply contained a chipper message from the President.

Anyway, back to my mail.

I decided to open up these envelopes, and every one of them contained a nice fat check. With the Covid shutdown last year, State Farm has such a reduction in claims that they basically sent out a bunch of refunds. So it was a nice surprise.

But I’ve got a feeling a meaningful percentage of these things – – 10%? 15%? – – will get thrown directly into the garbage, since, like I just said, it looks like something totally useless and junky. I have a feeling the company might have done this on purpose.

Maybe I’m in a cynical mood, but it just reminds me of this somewhat related fact: