Onwards And Upwards

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On my last post I was looking at the setup for a backtest of the daily middle band, and SPX delivered that and has then rallied back almost to the all time high retest, which I’m expecting to happen ideally today or tomorrow, as the historical stats for Wednesday and Thursday this week lean significantly bearish.

SPX daily chart:

SPX Daily

If the SPX all time high is broken with force, then the main upside target is the wedge resistance for the rising wedge from the March 2020 low. That is currently in the 4320 area but it is going to take a strong push over the SPX all time high to make that the main target for now.

SPX 60min chart:

SPX min

The main target for now is the wedge resistance on the rising wedge from the May lows. That rising wedge support is now in the 4195 area, and resistance currently in the 4255 area. Both support trendlines are rising of course.

SPX 15min chart:

SPX min

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