Being Clever with Labels

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One of my favorite features in SlopeCharts is the labeling feature, and I had a challenge yesterday that I quickly solved and wanted to share with you.

The challenge was this: I wanted to buy some alt-coins at the Kraken exchange, but I knew Kraken had added some new coins since the last time I checked, and I wanted to make sure I had a complete, up-to-date label reference in SlopeCharts to identify which coins were available. Now, the monkey-brain was to do this would be to go through all my crypto charts, one by one, and label those that were on the Kraken list, but I’d rather work smart than work hard, so here’s what I did.

Step 1: Get the Raw List

I just googled the term “Kraken coin list” and got to the page where it showed the up-to-date listing of coins covered.


Step 2: Put the list into a spreadsheet.

I swiped all the text from the coin list, copied it to my clipboard, and then pasted it into a new Google Sheet. The column I am most interested in is “B” which has the symbols.


Step 3: Format the Symbol

However, the symbols like the required “$” preceding it, so in column E I used the CONCAN function to join the “$” with the contents of column B, which gave me what I needed. I selected the entire of column E and pasted it into a simple notepad document. So now I’ve got my raw symbol list. I saved that file to the drive.


Step 4: Import the Symbols

I then went to the Watch Lists data panel and used the Import function to import the text file into a new watch list I called Kraken.


Step 5: Label Them All

Now here’s where I saved a bunch of time: I then right-clicked on the Kraken watch list name and choose the Apply Label to All function.


Step 6: Choose the Appropriate Label

I already had a Kraken Coin label, so I used this one for all the symbols in the list.


Step 7: Consolidate the Symbols

I have no need for yet another watch list, so I copied all the symbols from my Kraken list to my Crypto list, and then I deleted the Kraken watch list as I had no need for it, since I’ve got labels to do the job.


Step 8: Get to Work

Now I’m ready to do what I set out to do, which is hone in specifically on Kraken coins. Thus, I went to the filter feature and chose the specific item I was after.


To be clear, this exact technique could be used to any kind of symbol list, be it stocks, ETFs, or what-have-you. I only use this as a real-life example to show you how it’s done.