Alt, Who Goes There?

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I spent a fair amount of time walking through airports on Saturday, and almost every single advertisement I saw was about cryptocurrencies. I’m serious. Grayscale this and Gemini that. I was reminded, naturally, of the year 2000, and all the SuperBowl ads for dot-com companies that would be bankrupt within a year. It’s the same now. Today is supposed to be the “crypto bowl“, with all the fat-with-cash worthless firms pushing their crap on people, and I suspect most of them will be destroyed in due time. As I look at the alt-coin charts, all I can say is………….this entire space is going to be battered for a long time.

slopechart ALGO
slopechart ATOM
slopechart CRV
slopechart ENJ
slopechart FIL
slopechart LINK
slopechart SNX
slopechart SOL
slopechart STORJ