Icing on the Cake

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As we all await the FOMC, I wanted to mention a couple of helpful improvements to the layered mode feature in SlopeCharts. We have enhanced the “browse” feature in layered mode.

When you click the Browse button, you will be presented with this dialog box:


You can sort any column in either direction by clicking on the column header, and if you are interested in seeing the layered chart that someone else has created, click on the Load button for their entry.

What is important to note is that once you have loaded the chart, you are welcome to modify it in any way you like. Your actions will not alter the creator’s original chart (nor will anyone else be able to alter your own). Instead, you are simply providing a perfect duplicate of their creation, and you can, if you wish, modify it and save your own version with your own unique description.

When anyone creates a layered chart, the date is preserved and displayed. This gives you a way to look at the most recent charts, since you can click on the date column to sort it and see if any recent charts have been added.

You can also mark favorite layered charts by clicking on the star icon next to every one. This toggles the star on (favorite) and off (not favorite). Doing this will save you time, since you can also sort the star column and instantly see all the items you have marked as a favorite and focus on those.