Stranger than Fiction

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I was trying to think of something to write about first thing this morning. I was maybe going to say something about the cool lunar impact probe from NASA…………or maybe mention the new graphic novel from R. Crumb about the book of Genesis.

But when I was on YouTube, trying to find a good video of the lunar impact, I saw out of the corner of my eye a link to a video about Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize. And I thought to myself, "aww, crap, this lunar video must be a fake, because it must be from some clown who just makes up funny videos like The Onion."

But…….errr……….it's no joke. President Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Now, look, this isn't a political blog, and I happen to think Obama is an amazing individual. I have no ax to grind. But……..seriously?!?!? I mean, the man's the President of the United States. Trying to keep the world stable is sort of his job. And he's been in it, what, about eight months? What extraordinary thing has he done for world peace? Why not give him the Pulitzer Prize too, since he gives really good speeches?

I seriously don't get this. It kind of dilutes the value of the prize for everything else (Arafat notwithstanding).

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