2020 Vision (T-7 Days)

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Preface to all parts: 2019 was a great year for the Slope of Hope, with a much wider array of tools and a record number of premium subscribers. I have extracted what I consider the best posts from the year and, for the sake of everyone’s sanity, arranged links to them in a set of ten short posts. For those who want to support the site (as this is my full time job, 365 days a year), I encourage you to open up a brokerage account at tastyworks, try out TradeMachine Pro, or subscribe to a Slope premium membership, which opens up a tremendous array of features for you and your trading. Here, then, are the posts for this segment:

Jolly Olde Data
Any history buffs out there? You’re going to love these ancient charts!

Nest Egg
Wealth distribution essay, using chickens as my muse.

About FACE!
Elliott Wave does a total one-eighty.

A Sale of Two Titties
My favorite post on the college admissions scandal.

Life After Google
Review of George Gilder’s book, which I found well worth the time.

You Have to Invite the Vampire Into Your House
Embracing inflation and taking a hard look at the bond bear market

Some Pro Photos
Some professional photographs from a tastytrade event that I did

For T.K.
MarketWatch predicts Dow 40,000. You can imagine my reaction.

You Are Real
Are we living in a simulation? No!