Goin’ Mobile

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Mobile users – – Android, iPhone, tablets, everything – – I need your help.

As I mentioned recently, I discovered to my shock that a full one-third of Sloper’s visits are from a mobile device. This is shameful to me, because Slope blows on mobile. I’ve never bothered making it mobile-friendly. That is going to change.

In fact, I upgraded from my horrible phone (an ancient iPhone 5s with a shattered screen) to something more modern and decent. I’ve got to say, horizontally, the site isn’t half-bad. This is from my phone just now:

Slope of Hope

However, I don’t want to replicate the entire site on mobile. Quite a few of the pages would be inappropriate for a small screen. So far, here are the screens I think would make sense:

  • A home page with easy navigation;
  • The scrolling marquee of recent items in SocialTrade;
  • The blog posts, and individual posts with comments;
  • A simplified version of SlopeCharts, optimized for mobile;
  • The ability to browse stacks in SocialTrade;
  • The ability to search comments;
  • The ability to search the blog;
  • The ability to enter a symbol and launch off to:
    • Date Analysis
    • Market Meter
    • Reaction Graph
  • The ability to choose a watch list and launch:
    • Relative Rotation Graphs
    • Volatility Matrix
    • SlopeRules Results

Anything else? Go to the home page and look at the menus. Tell me if there’s anything else you’d like to see, and leave it in the comments section (or write me); thank you.