Heaven Eleven

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As we sit here, just a cat’s whisker beneath lifetime highs (as World War 3 has clearly come and gone without any problems), I offer eleven discrete shorting ideas. I have also provided my own stop-loss prices beneath each image, any one of which can be clicked for a much larger version.

slopechart AAP
Stop Loss: 157.45
slopechart AIV
Stop Loss: 51.86
slopechart AOBC
Stop Loss: 10.08
slopechart BPFH
Stop Loss: 12.16
slopechart HAIN
Stop Loss: 26.18
slopechart JLL
Stop Loss: 176.80
slopechart MTB
Stop Loss: 169.51
slopechart PTEN
Stop Loss: 11.00
slopechart TSCO
Stop Loss: 91.80
slopechart UGI
Stop Loss: 45.30
slopechart WYNN
Stop Loss: 144.40