The Room Where It Happens

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Look, I’ve got no problem with Hamilton. I’ve listened to the entire album many times. I’m one of those clowns who paid $2,000 to get tickets to take my family to see it. So………I’m a fan. But this pisses me off:


It seems that the show Hamilton is going to have $50 million of tax dollars sprinkled on top of King George’s crown. Keep in mind, the cash (which is being doled out from a massive $16 billion federal fund specifically for performing arts) is no struggling production trying to make an important statement that will lift up all humanity. It has been a cultural sensation and a mega-hit………..


Since this is the equivalent of the Kardashians being granted desperately-needed publicity and attention, the producer of the show hurried to explain himself.


Chrysler and General Motors. Two major manufacturing companies which each employ about 90,000 people. You’re comparing that to a production of a few dozen cast, set designers, and lightning specialists. Suffice it to say, dear reader, that you should retain an image in your mind of every dollar you sent to D.C. over decades and decades of labor are going to precisely this kind of thing. Congrats.