Chart Envy

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Oh, how I wish the stock market was still a market. That’s why I’m so fixated on crypto. The irony is that I’m actually invested in equities yet am in all-cash in crypto-land, as we’re still merely range-bound. But, as I’ve said countless times, it is a true organic market and totally chart-friendly. I haven’t been surprised even once yet. Bitcoin is absolutely respecting its trendline with pinpoint accuracy.

slopechart BTC

And the “alt-coins” are obeying the resistance zones and other patterns with religious zeal.

slopechart ATOM
slopechart AAVE
slopechart ALGO

Incidentally, I think the ridiculous Dogecoin is in for a world of hurt. I mean, more hurt, because it’s already lost two-thirds of its value.

slopechart DOGE