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A Captivating Analog

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I was glaring at the insanely tiny ranges of the past few weeks when it occurred to me there was only one other time that I recall seeing such a phenomenon, and that was………….just before the Covid crash! The old saying is never to short a dull market. I don’t see the logic to that. If you compare the past few months to the late December/early January period of 2019/2020, you’ll find the action on the SPY remarkably similar:

slopechart SPY

X-Ray Vision On The Markets

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Every Monday we spend 5 minutes trading our crypto system. We add up the profits and do whatever trading needs doing.

This week we squeezed out .83%, adding to the 13.5% last week and 14% the week before that.

It’s pretty clear now that the crypto drop is over, and it’s the first real reset of this bull market.

Having the ability to data mine the blockchain is like having X ray vision on the market.

Without going into a bunch of technical stuff (most of you guys seem to be bored by anyway), you can see that it’s obvious that we are nowhere near the end of the bull market.

In fact, the party is just getting started.



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So is this whole SPAC fraud trend over? Is it dead? It sure should be. Lordstown Motors, which I’ve written about numerous times (and spoken about even more) is looking like the Theranos of electric car companies (joining the likes of Nikola). The CEO and CFO have fled the scene this morning, which the company hilariously portrays as a “Leadership Realignment.” Here’s what RIDE looked like when the SPAC fad was hot:

slopechart RIDE