Attention ProphetCharts Users

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UPDATE: Go to SlopeCharts!

Good morning, everyone. As I am typing this, the market is down a little, and my shorts are doing fine, but I have no reason to suspect that the market won’t do what it did yesterday and just break the heart of the four remaining bears on the planet again. Get disappointed a few hundred times, and it can make one cynical.

So let’s turn our attention to another sadness, which is this notice that started appearing on the Investools website yesterday:


That’s right, the technology bought from me a dozen years ago is being put to death. What’s remarkable to me is that even though they hadn’t put a penny of talent into improving it in all those years, it’s still the best thing out there. My life revolves around ProphetCharts, so when I found out in December what was forthcoming, it was pretty heartbreaking.

I’m not going to do a big post about what the product meant to me or what I think of its termination – – I’ll save that for another post. But if you use ProphetCharts, before they put a bullet through its head, do yourself a favor and save the watch lists you’ve got (assuming you’ve put any kind of effort into creating them in the first place).

All you have to do is right-click on the name of any watch list you want to save and choose the Export item.


At that point, just save the file somewhere. Do this for whatever watch lists you want to save (for myself, it’s a dozen watch lists but you might just have one or two).


So what’s up with this? I’ll tell you later. Save your watch lists. Save yourselves. (It’s best to utter those last two sentences in dramatic Star Trek fashion).