Know Of These

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There are a lot of newcomers on Slope these days (the vast majority of them lurkers – – that is, folks that don’t participate in the comments section but, as with Playboy, are here just for the articles). I thought I’d mentioned a few features here on Slope that some of you may not be aware existed……

SocialTrade – see that continuously-flowing banner of images at the top of the blog? Those are the latest entries from SocialTrade, which is sort of like a Pinterest product I created for financial information. The best place to start is the Browse Stacks page, but you can access any SocialTrade features from that dropdown menu at the top. There is even an iPhone app that lets you access the many thousands of items people have stacked over the years. Finally, there are some videos I put together that make SocialTrade easy to grasp.

Features in Comments – The comments section is the heart and soul of the blog, but there are a lot of spiffy little features in there that aren’t obvious. Here’s a page about using comments that even old-timers will learn more.

Recommended Reading – I often get asked what books to read about trading. There’s a page for that too!

Virtual Reality – In all likelihood, you don’t have the equipment needed to use this, but in the unlikely event you’ve got some Hive VR goggles, check this page out!

If nothing else, check out the Start Here page, which gives a lot of helpful pointers for getting the most out of the blog. Thank you for being here!