Sharing in Action

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It’s the weekend, which means Tim & Company are hard at work on improving SlopeCharts. I’ll have some new features to announce soon. In the meanwhile, I wanted to share a real-life example of how useful the Publishing/Sharing features are in the program.

Early this morning, I decided to check out who had published watch lists, and I subscribed to a few of them that looked interesting, such as “Potential shorts”……..


When looking at a shared list, the things you already follow in lists of your own are displayed as italicized symbols, whereas those which are unique are not. Thus, I focused on the non-italicized symbols and saw a number of them which were interesting, including FARM.


Looking at this symbol in particular, I really liked the looks of it, and I was pleased to find another short candidate, since it isn’t often that I learn about something new (I tend follow a lot of symbols as it is). I also got to see the mark-ups the original Sloper had on their chart, so in a way I was seeing the symbol through their eyes.


So I added it to my own watchlist…..


………and, with a fresh chart on the screen, drew a few lines to represent my own interpretation of the chart.


So, bang, that’s it. Aided by the help of another Sloper, I discovered a new opportunity!

As a reminder, the Publish/Share capability is a PLUS-only feature, and as new powers are added to SlopeCharts, I’ll be deciding one by one which of them are for everyone and which ones are only for subscribers.