Strictly Business

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You are passionate, Mozart. But you do not persuade.

Emperor Joseph II (Amadeus)

Buried among the thousands of comments over the past few days was this item:


I’ve given it a lot of thought, and I’ve finally decided: yes. You’re right.

I’ve been on Twitter since November 2007. I’ve got 21,000 followers there. If I had never made any kind of political remark, it would probably be more like 23,000 or more. So instead of $0 revenue every year, I’d be basking in $0 if I had kept my fat mouth shut. My mistake.

But the fact is that the Twitter feed should be about Slope, not me. And, as such, although I might put an interesting news tidbit in from time to time, it’s going to be just about Slope’s services and what’s happening in the financial markets from now on.

So if any of you have been uneasy about following me due to my, shall we say, unvarnished opinions, fear no more. I’ve decided Slope will be Slope. My Twitter feed will be a lot less fun. A lot less interesting. But a lot less trouble, too. Time for a change. The time is now.