SlopeCharts has a variety of technical studies you can apply to charts. To invoke them, select the menu item Technical Studies from the Analysis menu:

Next will appear a dialog box with tabs that allows you to customize and apply any technical indicators to any chart you display. Some studies, known as overlays, appear on top of charts (such as Averages, PSAR, and Bollinger) whereas others appear as separate panes (like MACD and RSI).

When new panes are added, they appear at the bottom of the chart.


By holding down the Ctrl key and dragging the mouse, you can move the panes into any arrangement you want.


Over time, more indicators will be added to SlopeCharts, but the means of entering them by way of this dialog box will remain the same. You can mix and match indicators to your liking, and they will be applied to any and all charts you observe until such time as you “clear” the indicators via this same dialog box.

Lastly, there is helpful information on each of these studies you can access instantly by clicking the Help button on any one of the tabs. The Reference Guide lists details on all the studies.


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