Additional Membership Benefits

Here are some additional features of various levels of premium membership:

  • Full Screen Charts – When it comes to stock charts, size matters. It’s easier to work with a chart that fills your entire screen than one which is hemmed in by all kinds of content from the website in general. The full screen feature lets you use the entirety of your screen for charting, and SlopeCharts will remember this as your preference.

  • Options Chains – This presents a table of all the puts and calls for a particular financial instrument. You can control whether you want to see only calls, only puts, what month, and how broad an array of strikes to view.

  • View Tim’s Charts – The creator of this site, Tim Knight, spends an inordinate amount of time maintaining his watch lists and marking up charts. You may find it valuable to “look over his shoulder” and have direct access to these lists and charts, and you can do this in SlopeCharts with the published/shared watch list feature.

  • Access Tim’s Lists – Premium users on Slope can publish their watch lists and subscribe to the published watch lists from others. Tim has shared his key watch lists (including the most popular one on the site, “Bear Pen”) which you can access directly. You can learn more about this feature with this video.

  • Premium Trade Ideas – When Tim has a particularly strong analysis about a certain stock or other financial instrument, he will compose a post exclusively for Gold and Platinum members, all of whom will be immediately notified via email that a special post is waiting for them.

  • Days-Til-Earnings – This is particularly useful during the quarterly earnings season, because it will show you directly within your watch lists the number of days remaining until each of your specific stocks has its earnings announcement.

  • Years of Daily Data – Free users on Slope get only two years of back data, but various levels of paid membership have access to far more, spanning decades and even centuries.

  • Intraday ChartsSlope maintains an intraday database with granularity as fine as one-minute going back for months. You can get a much more detailed view of a stock’s action with intraday charts than daily charts are capable of providing.

  • Ad-Free Experience – No one likes ad slathered all over a page. As a paying member, all the banner ads on the site will disappear, thus freeing up more space for the content you want.

  • Video Library – Slope has put together a good library of educational videos about technical analysis, and all paying members get access to these videos.

  • Preload Data – Normally, as you go through charts in a list, it takes a few moments for the data to be loaded from the historical database. With the Preload feature, you can ask that the entire contents of a watch list be loaded in advance so that you can zip through charts instantly without having to wait for any loading delays.

  • Adjusted Data for Splits and Dividends – By default, historical stock data is adjusted to take into account stock splits and dividend payments. If you want to disable this adjustment (for example, to match purchase prices from the past with the raw data), you can do so with this feature.