Weekly Sector Report | 05/28/10 (by Leisa)

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Last week was quite a rebound in the market with the broad market index advancing .52%.  There was a notable rebound in many of the sectors. Here are the top/bottom 10 industries for last week.  This information is available to non-subscribers at the WSJ Industry Page, which you can find here.


There is always a bull/bear market somewhere…just make sure that you are looking in the right places.
I've prepared for the the detail chart book which you can find here.  Because it is month end, I also included the monthly charts.  IN ADDITION, I created performance charts for all 24 Sectors! I think that you'll find them interesting because I started with March 1, 2009 through May 28.  I've also included bookmarks to make this report more navigable.
If you are not familiar with performance charts, they measure the price performance relative to a starting place. Here's an example of a performance chart for the Total Stock Market Index from 03/01/09 through 05/31/10:


Note the volume by price bars.  If we break down through the yellow area, I believe that we could quickly cut through the blue area where there is little "price memory" in the market.   The market did manage to gird it's loins and hurdle above its moving averages.  I use the 13 + 34 exponential moving averages combined with the 89 day simple moving average.  I have Osso to thank for the suggestion of taking the 89 day moving average from an exponential to a simple basis.