Douches vs. Your Host

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One of the many, many delights of this bear market is how scumbags, charlatans, and come-on artists are getting nailed. It’s bizarre, because I have offered intelligent, well-reasoned insights for 18 years and have a modest following, whereas the bro douchebags have MILLIONS of followers. Oh, well. They’re going to prison, and I get to stay home with my family.

I thought newer readers might want a convenient guide to the difference between me and clowns like those above. I doubt we’d ever be confused, here I offer you the following:

Douche Bros
Tim Knight
Charting Platforms Created from Scratch
Charting Skills
Gay Vibe
Very Strong
Moral Fiber
Absolutely None
Grape Nuts Level
Double Digit IQ
C'mon Man
Shirtless Appeal
Let's Move On

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