Second Miracle of the Week

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I’ve changed from a Knight to a Wizard. Yesterday, out of the blue, I made this comment:

(Before going on, I must tip my hat to the Slope Comments Search, which made it a cinch to find this buried amongst all the others).

Anyway, since God himself created a complete miracle on Monday morning and saved my bearish ass, I was actually very worried all night long. I am INCREDIBLY short, plus I have a VERY risky position in SPY puts which expire in, umm, just two days, so I had a knot in my stomach all knot.

Imagine my joy when I woke up, timidly turned on my monitor, and saw this:

I’ve got to assume at this point I have led a life of unalloyed purity, because there’s no way I could otherwise be this blessed. I’m going to walk my (larger) dogs now and contemplate the day ahead.

Our time is here.