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From Land Of Opportunity To A Fool’s Paradise

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I am amazed daily to see just how many adults (never mind the teenagers) seem absolutely oblivious to their surroundings. Seemingly intelligent people walking with their heads down flailing away on a keyboard built for ants either trying to find out “what’s happening” in the world or, to let the world know on some social networking platform what they ate for dinner, if they just showered, or posted their 2,375 picture of themselves in a compromising pose or situation.

They tweet, post, paste, share, spread, etc.,etc.,etc. But ask them a question about a relevant subject such as the economy, state of global affairs, or more that might impact their future? You’ll just get a blank soulless expression of bewilderment.

You know that look, it’s the same look you get when one of these clueless figures walks right into you in some store or mall. Do they say sorry? Or, excuse me?  No: you just get the animatronic look that says ” Weren’t you watching where I was going?” (more…)

Probably Not A Better Real Time Real World Example

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Over the years I have been dogged like a junk yard dog latched onto a bone about trying to show entrepreneurs, business people and a like insights as to help work through the clutter and get about creating, formulating and running their enterprises in a manner that helps them reach their objectives.

One of the hardest things (as well as potentially business curtail of my own business for after all I am in the motivation business) is pointing out that what is being shown as “a rose” is not a rose. And as a matter of fact if you looked closely not only could you see, but you would see for oneself the scent is anything but “sweet.” (more…)

Wall Street Gets A Merry Christmas Main St. Gets Keynesian Coal

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Here we are going into what should be by all accounts one of the most festive times of the year. If one were to listen to most of the commentary coming from the mouths of what are proclaimed as the “smart-crowd” you would think we should be dancing in the streets, buying everything, and anything within arms reach, and much, much more.

Yet, anyone who owns, runs, or works for a business will tell you in private they are either paralyzed by uncertainty, or worse, they’re just scared to death. It just seems nothing makes sense as to what they know – and what they’re being told they should believe.

I talk directly with people who are entrepreneurs and business professionals. One glaringly impression that gets made to me over, and over again, is they literally can’t make heads or tails out of not only who to believe, but also what data to believe. (more…)

Today’s Markets Are “A Lesson In Willful Ignorance”

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Within the last 90 days there has been more convoluted messaging coming from the financial media, the main stream, as well as academia than I can remember. The more one looks or tries to find relevant, useful, actionable insights – the more they get conjecture.

Tag onto this the obligatory covering of arses as one’s told “It’s a great time to buy stocks!” Followed with “It will probably end badly.” Or, that other gem for the legend books “The Fed’s got your back” analogy.

So prevalent are these today it makes a politician marvel in its usage for audacity or speciousness. And that’s saying something in my book.

Let’s take a few examples that really give the tenor and tone of what I’m trying to express. They are far from the only ones, yet they give what I believe are true representations on why people are not only confused, but why they’ve walked away from both the markets as well as other activities in ways that have all the supposed “experts” flummoxed. (more…)

We Forget All Too Fast Just How Quickly It Can Hit The Fan

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Currently there is probably no other great divide in opinions than the current state of oil and all it entails. (well maybe gold but that’s for another column)

I believe there’s not only two sides to this story but there is also a very legitimate concern for the two-sided sword that can be wielded – by both sides. And again, in my opinion, both have very valid reasons for optimism as well as concern. I don’t believe they are mutually exclusive.

Today we have what many would call an oil boon in not only the U.S. but Canada as well. Together the current debate falls along two fronts. First: Is there really as much there as they believe there is? And second: If so can it be extracted at a price bearable to both producers as well as consumers?

There seems a real split right down the middle and both sides make very good arguments. Who’s right and who’s wrong is yet to be seen. However, what does not need to be borne out any longer is the fact that the OPEC cartel believes there’s a real cause for concern. And that is a very positive byproduct to come forth from this whole debate. (more…)