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Man on Wire

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One of the most riveting movies I've ever seen was Man on Wire, which won the 2008 Oscar for best documentary. It turns out that YouTube has the entire movie online (which I watched last night "in the background" as I went through all my charts). It's a marvelous piece, and it reminds me of what was said of Voltaire:

First, and above all else, he is marvelously alive. And mankind, who dreads boredom even more than anxiety, is eternally grateful to those who make life throb to a swifter, stronger beat.

Small Pattern to Watch

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Good morning, everyone. It's still pitch-black outside, and I'm not yet rarin' to go, so I'll start off with one small observation.

The /ES (and GLD, for that matter) is in a formative pattern which could yield a head and shoulders top that could slip the /ES down to about 1057 (plus or minus a few points). Again, this pattern is in formative only, and it's certainly not textbook quality, but it's worth watching inasmuch as a cross above 1090 would render it moot.