A Kind Endorsement

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I received a lovely email from a premium subscriber who simply wanted to thank me for my ideas. He sent along a spreadsheet of his Slope-based trades over the past week or so, which revealed a handsome profit, and he noted I could use it as an endorsement. I confirmed he would permit me to share this anonymous spreadsheet, so I am pleased to do so below. I am so happy that my charting can be of aid to traders out there! Click on the image for readability. It’s quite interesting.


I’d also like to make a remark about my own portfolio, which is all cash. This happens approximately never. But let me try to explain why.

I had a fantastic January. Only a few days into February, it was all gone. This market is a vicious beast, and it absolutely killed me to see my hard-won gains from January blown to hell by Powell. He’s not going to do it to me again.

By the grace of God (and SlopeCharts), I had an even better February than January, and as although I had trimmed back a lot, I still had positions this morning. But as I went through them one by one, I kept thinking, one by one, they were all really stretched to the downside. So I threw the switch and covered everything. Every. Single. Thing. Try to get me now, Powell!

I’ll glance at ETFs to see if there are any interesting day trades, but on the whole, I think a wise Tim will wait for a meaningful bounce to oh-so-obvious shorting levels. Hopefully wise Tim won’t be shoved aside by idiot Tim.