Big Shared List Improvement

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Although this feature is reserved for Slope’s wonderful Gold and Diamond members, it such a cool thing, I wanted everyone to check it out. Here it is:


Now, to explain: the above is from our Shared Watch List Page. Its purpose is to give people a place to locate the watch lists that other SlopeCharts users have shared with the group by way of our Publishing feature.

This was surely the ugliest page on the entire site. It was just raw text, it was paginated, and there were no graphics. Yuck. So I’ve set about to improve this feature in a number of ways. The first is done, which you’ve seen above. Specifically:

  1. The watch lists are neatly grouped. Instead of just some big-ass list of text, all in one single cluster, the watch lists are broken up into meaningful families of information.
  2. I’ve made it a little more visually appealing with a sprinkling of graphics, suggesting the characteristic of each group.

We’ve been hard at work, but most of our improvements lately have been non-customer-facing. We are turning our efforts back toward things you can actually witness and use, and I will, of course, let you know about them as they are completed.