Automated MATLBO?

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I would like to pose a question to the group. Please leave your thoughts in the comments section.

As some of you know, there is a trading method created by Ruffpup known as MATLBO. It has been discussed here frequently on Slope, and has been the topic of much conversation. Indeed, Ruffpup gathered up the trades, charts, and conversation around this method and shared this compilation with me, and it goes on for hundreds of pages.

I am considering endeavoring to automate this system, and Ruffpup has been generous with his time and information toward that end. I actually have ideas about a more generalized system of being able to uncover such trading opportunities.

So my question to the group is: if Slope were to introduce a system that was able to alert you to MATLBO (and kindred) opportunities, would that be something that you would not only be interested in, but would also pay to have? I ask now, because it would be no small feat to create such a system, and I’d rather know that people are willing to pay a premium price if I were to create something genuinely effective that would give users a truly substantial trading edge. I look forward to your remarks.