The Kids Are Alright

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I thought the whole Gamestop (GME) freak show was going to be just an interesting footnote in financial history, but this zombie simply will not die. Having fallen from $513 back to $40, and lingering there on almost no volume, the entire “short squeeze by the masses” meme has gone back in full force, and GME has gone roaring from $38.50 to over five times that amount in just a couple of weeks!

slopechart GME

So it’s clear that /wsb kids are still thriving, even though it’s pretty much all about a single stock. Suffice it to say that I’m glad to have been just a dispassionate observer from a great distance at the entire GME saga.

Besides getting their GME mojo back, another area the young ones continue to be hitting out of the park is the crypto scene driven, as usual, by the big daddy of them all, Bitcoin.

slopechart BTC

Below are a trio of cryptos whose bullish patterns and surging volume suggest stronger prices ahead. I looked at my list of 48 charts, and these three were my favorites (as usual, click on any chart for a big version and to see the symbol in its upper left corner).

slopechart ALGO
slopechart ATOM
slopechart BAND