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The Unending Joys of Blogging

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I got this email earlier today:

Hi Tim. Appreciate your site but feel you could be helping me more with understanding your trading strategy if you would consider the following.

1. For example what do you use to find the many stocks that are in key technical areas of support or resistance in order to enable your new long or short positions. Is this a manual process or automated in finding these charts?;

2. Could you please put in the actual entry point of your trades in addition to your stop loss points;

3. Could up please add in the technical reasoning behind a given entry point. Sometimes it is right on the support or resistance point or other times above or below the same.

I promptly replied with a clear but, I thought, polite enough answer:

I don't have the time for all that; it's a miracle I can even do the blog in the first place.

Then I get this:

Thanks for the quick reply and the "horseshit" excuses. Bottom line, if you are going to do something do it right or not at all so enough with the poor me blog talk and time issues, etc…………. You must be shitting me you cant put in a entry point but you can put in a stop loss point for a new position. What a crock of shit. Tim one thing you are superb at and that is gloating and bullshit. With all the money you have/make. whatever get a helper!!!!! Outta here.

Just so I'm straight on this – – – I do a blog for absolutely free, do about ten posts a day, and someone storms in demanding an exhaustive amount of new information (with me shelling out cash for a "helper", if necessary), and then storming off when I tell him I don't have time. Wow. Good riddance. Sometimes I am simply amazed at people out there. I'm going to be a mensch and keep your email address private.

Has AAPL Jumped the Shark?

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Let me do the same preface I do every time I mention Apple, Inc. – – love the company, love the products, practically worship Steve Jobs (who lives about a mile from me), etc., etc. So: YAY.

Having said that, over the course of its third-of-a-century in existence, Apple tends to move in very broad ups and downs. An uber-low point, for instance, was in 1985, when Sculley kicked Jobs out of the firm. Another low point was in 1997, when Michael Dell infamously said of Apple that they should just close the place up and give the money that was left over back to shareholders (at the time, AAPL was at about $7 per share – – nice advice, there, Mikey).

The national fever that took hold over the unfortunately-named iPad was almost comic. I was interested yesterday to watch Jobs' presentation, because – – well – – something was missing. He kept going on and on with his usual superlatives and hyperbole, but something told me the audience wasn't quite buying it. Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

It's also interesting to see what AAPL's stock price has done recently, what with the blow-out earnings that exceeded the wildest hopes, and the introduction of a widely anticipated new product. Simply stated, AAPL's price action has been sucktastic. And I think that AAPL is, for a while at least, past its prime.