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EWI Takes the Gloves Off

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The market has been frustrating a lot of folks, not the least of which our friends at Elliott Wave International. However, they have finally issued their clearest "this is it!" proclamation as of Friday's STU…….


Of course, what would STU be without some wiggle room in the text somewhere?


In other words, "this is what's happening, unless it's not." Joking aside though, I always respect clear projections and declarations. EWI's chief Bob Prechter is no less clear, and his view of a bear market isn't the least bit forgiving. Observe:

Yes, that's a level of about 400 or so on the Dow. I'm not even sure a nuclear apocalypse could produce that kind of result, but there you have it.

So at this point, a number of folks I respect have projections all over the map……..

  • Evil (molecool) is in "hibernation mode";
  • Gary Savage is going for an all-out bull market in gold and silver;
  • Good ol' Tim is still in a grind-it-out bear market mode, but with an ultimate low closer to 6000 than 400!

The handful of longs that I had, I sold on Friday morning. I am 100% short, although 40% of my portfolio is in cash, and I still have used $0 of margin. All the same, a 60% commitment is the highest level I've been at thus far.

Open Your Wallet and Give

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I've always been a fan of classic Broadway musicals, particularly from the 50s and 60s. In one of them, Fiddler on the Roof, there is an exchange that goes something like this:

Tevya: "Here, have one kopeck."

Beggar: "One kopeck? Last week you gave me two kopecks!"

Tevya: "I had a bad week."

Beggar: "So? If you had a bad week, why should I suffer?"

I confess to being a bit like Tevya lately, thinking I shouldn't be as generous as I was a year ago to charities, simply because back then I was rolling in dough.

But then I saw this picture from Haiti, and I immediately sent a donation (warning: it is not a pleasant picture). That image is a slice of hell on earth, and God knows I have enough to spare to add a little bit of help to a place that is suffering through no fault of its own. Shame on me for even hesitating before.

I would also add that an extremely tiny minority (Pat Robertson et. al.) have been making utter asses of themselves by blaming the Haitians for their own suffering. The easiest way to be different from a person like this is to send some cash to Haiti. Help them out. You are blessed with much. These poor people are desperate.

Here are a few suggestions:

Direct Relief International

Haitian Health Foundation


Complete list from Charity Navigator

My little essay on Good & Evil defines evil as that which destroys life and liveliness. What has happened is evil. Be part of the good and help out, even if it's just a few dollars. Thank you.