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Japan’s Nikkei…Into The 2007/08 Froth

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After the Bank of Japan’s policy announcement on October 31st to increase the amount of money they’re pouring into the markets (including U.S. markets), the Nikkei Futures Index soared and ended the week just above major resistance (around 16,666) and is back into the 2007/08 froth, as shown on the Weekly chart of the NKD below.

Failure to hold this level (which is, no doubt, an important psychological level to surpass), could see this index slip back to 15,000, 13,700, or even 12,600 (as I discussed in my post of  October 12th) before they step in and prop it up, once more. Daily volumes may hold the key to direction in this regard…former buying from November of 2013 was thin and resulted in “dead-cat-bounces.”

Timmy’s Little World

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During times like these, you find out who your friends are. I’ve only glanced at comments (I intend to read every one of them that’s transpired over the past 36 hours………) but it’s obvious that emotions are running high. Slopers are doing a yeoman’s job of promoting decency, which I appreciate.

One thing that hadn’t really dawned on me was to check the Nikkei ETF, which, of course, benefited from the unknown-trillions-of-dollars pledge from JCB. Take a look:

1101-ewj (more…)