Juche for the Markets

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Yesterday, for no particular reason, I started thinking about this woman:

“Tim, why would you be thinking about this chubby dowager who does propaganda for the evil North Korean state? What’s wrong with you?” Well, as much as I appreciate your concern, I think the seed was planted when I watched the “Parasite” movie. They only mentioned North Korea once, but when I think of that pitiful nation, and its horribly oppressed people, I think of that vile woman pictured above who endlessly chirps up whatever that fat slob Kim Jung Un is up to.

More specifically, I asked myself: do the poor souls who watch this porker day after day actually believe it? I mean, if you are told, let’s say, 5,000 days in a row, that everything a certain guy is doing is awesome and amazing, do you actually even care anymore? Or do the citizens actually get psyched about the latest, greatest news? It’s pathetic. Just pathetic.

But, frankly, we’re no better off. As I’ve said time and time again, the truth drives the market down, and lies drive the market up. As a big fan of the truth, that’s why I get kind of prickly about the bull cheerleaders, because they are willing participants in the fraud. Thus, after the brief dip in the markets, they were all chanting the usual BTFD, and from the looks of this morning, I’m certain they are patting each other on the back.

As you surely know by now, an “unnamed source” who demanded anonymity (translation: the cocaine-addicted, thrice-married Larry Kudlow) told Bloomberg that the China deal was oh-so-close. You betcha.

Now, among a rational people, you would expect that if a cocaine addict with a terrible record for his own predictions had told you 700 times in a row that something was going to happen, and the past 699 times it didn’t happen, you might not get so pumped up at the 700th pronouncement. But, nope, the “investing” public eats it up as readily as the pitiable souls trapped in North Korea who have to listen to that cellulite-drenched, adipose-filled journalist pictured at the top of this post.

For myself, I remain cheerfully against such malarkey, as hipster Biden might say, with my 60 short positions. Let’s see how long this 700th declaration actually holds.

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