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Slope initially began as a blog, so this is where most of the website’s content resides. Here we have tens of thousands of posts dating back over a decade. These are listed in reverse chronological order. Click on any category icon below to see posts tagged with that particular subject, or click on a word in the category cloud on the right side of the screen for more specific choices.

Psychology of Trading, Part 3

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Click here for part one and here for part two.

Understanding Emotions in Charts

What if you could learn to identify emotions in charts?  What if you could quantify where key emotional decisions were made, and look to profit from that knowledge?  How would you use that information to your advantage?  In this article we are going to examine how emotions are visible in charts, as well as how to understand what emotions look like at extremes.

Your emotions will always seek to move back to a place of equilibrium when stretched.  Were your emotions wounded?  Your emotions will seek a means to heal themselves.  Were you moved to place of extreme excitement?  Your emotions will seek a means to calm themselves.  Were you moved to a place of fear or panic?  Your emotions will seek a means of creating safety.  How you choose to navigate this process can be by either destructive or healthy means.


2020 Vision (T-4 Days)

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Preface to all parts: 2019 was a great year for the Slope of Hope, with a much wider array of tools and a record number of premium subscribers. I have extracted what I consider the best posts from the year and, for the sake of everyone’s sanity, arranged links to them in a set of ten short posts. For those who want to support the site (as this is my full time job, 365 days a year), I encourage you to open up a brokerage account at tastyworks, try out TradeMachine Pro, or subscribe to a Slope premium membership, which opens up a tremendous array of features for you and your trading. Here, then, are the posts for this segment:

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