Just Screw It

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Groan. I see that the world continues to ignore the fact it is collectively $250 trillion in debt but has chosen to make this kind of insanity important:


Transmasculine. That’s a new one. I’ll try to ignore the fact that the word is underlined in bright red by my computer since, appropriately, it is pointing it out as something that doesn’t freakin’ exist.

I mean, even I tried to hop on this bandwagon with my Twitter account, but no one seems to have noticed the joke.


Anyway, here are a few words from……..umm……….this individual’s lawyer:


It isn’t clear to me if “Jazz” the trans-whatever-it-is wants to be called him or they or him or she, so I’ll just say “he” since I’m ignorant. Anyway, he seems to have been “wounded” since the personnel of Nike Corporation didn’t fall in line and refer to him by whatever concocted pronouns he dreamed up.

Listen, people use language as a method of communicating the familiar, and it’s really best for your fellow humans if you more or less follow the rules. If it’s one hundred degrees outside, people would refer to this as “hot”, like “it’s a hot day.” If I, on the other hand, decide that triple digit temperatures should be referred to as “thrice-gasmic”, it really isn’t right for me to demand you do the same. By all means, I should be able to declare the weather thrice-gasmic as many times as I like, but if the rest of humanity decides to call it “hot”, because that is their perception, and their agreed-upon term for that perception, then God bless ’em.

Jazz’s colleagues had to reach a little farther to come up with their own reasons for their refusal to address Jazz as “they”, however.


I’m fairly acquainted with most major religions, and I truly don’t remember any particular commandment, edict, or even suggestion from any holy scripture about proper pronoun use.

The shame of it is that Jazz actually looks like a reasonably cool customer.

But part of my positivism is probably prompted by memories from happier times, as shown below. And don’t worry, the “risk”, for those who remember it, is obviously long gone at this point.