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The Bullish Playbook

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One of our fellow Slopers, Big Red, left the following question in the comments stream. I’ve boldfaced a few particularly salient portions:

Thanks for the chats, @TimKnight! It is always soothing to see and hear what other bear(s) are going through…and don’t worry, I won’t leave as a subscriber if I lose money (40% last week alone) as I believe you are one of the most enlightened voices on the Markets anywhere. My losses are my own. I knew when to get out and I ignored my own signals. I am in training for the next time and am *visualizing* getting out (my biggest problem)! 😛 

That said, I feel more comfortable on the bear side (making 2M and losing it in 2008 because, once again, I didn’t know when to get out). 🙂 

What do you do (not now, because I agree with you the markets still have more to go downwards) when the markets finally turn and things start to look bullish (the “green shoots” haunt me to this day as I would still have that 2M if I had paid attention). It might be an interesting post – speculating on the bear side vs. the bull side. I have my own thoughts but I’d love to hear from someone who is better than I!  

Do you have a bullish playbook? I am working on mine – which has to be different than the bear side! I have a completely different lineup of stocks and strategies for the bull side (which I am continuously preparing for).