Prime Cuts

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Considering how important tomorrow morning’s CPI report will probably be, there’s not too much purpose in speculating what would happen if such-and-such happens. Every CPI, ZH does a long (usually premium) post about the different CPI results and what they would mean for the market. I have no idea how anyone would find that at all useful, not only because there are no assurances that any of the results will align with the (fake) CPI numbers, but mainly because……… one knows what the CPI will be!

So, to wrap this day up, I went through my 17 short positions and chose my 7 favorites right now. As always, click on any of these for a bigger view (depending on your screen size). Hopefully Wednesday will be good for the bears, assuming the government dares to let it be known that inflation is, in fact, raging like a wildfire. See you on the other side of it!