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Slope Video Aug 18 2011

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Brian Johnson with and Options Expiration week didn’t let me down as we finally got a day of volatility in the markets. Most of it came on the gap down to start the morning unfortunately so finding a price to enter was not the easiest task. We ended the day with a quick pop upwards and this may carry over into tomorrow’s session but I’m not convinced more lows aren’t coming soon.


Slope End Of Day Video Aug 4 (Brian Johnson)

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Brian Johnson from and a very nice push by the bulls this morning that actually started in the after hours last night. We hit a low last night on the futures of 1103 so that makes today's run even that much more impressive.  The internals confirmed everything today so the only thing left for the bulls is a little confirmation into Friday.


Slope End Of Day Video 072511 (Brian Johnson)

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Brian Johnson here and the 'major' move down last night that the talking heads on TV were blabbering about didn't really amount to much as the markets, while they did close down, didn't really hurt anything from a bull standpoint. It would appear at this time that my call of 'short term bearish and longer term bullish' is actually playing itself out quite nicely.


End of Day Video Update (by Brian Johnson)

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Brian Johnson from and a hard push up as the bulls find their footing for at least a day. I believe this will be a defining moment for the markets over the next few days. AAPL, of course, reported well and is way up in the afterhours but that was to be expected. I do expect a sideways day or a small pullback day tomorrow and if it happens I still have to give my bias to the bulls. The chart just is what it is!