The Dogs of War

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Out of gratitude for our success in the market lately, and the generosity of paying subscribers, I have just sent a $500 donation of your money to UAnimals, which is a charitable organization helping the helpless creatures (dogs in particular) suffering from the lunacy of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. The Bible tells us to not let the right hand know what the left hand is doing (particularly apt advice if you’re Jim Cramer visiting the CNBC bathroom), but I seek to encourage others to help the dogs. I know Slope is full of dog lovers. Here is the donation I sent, thanks to your subscriptions:

For those of you who feel moved to help (particularly if you’ve been making good profits lately), please join me by clicking here. Thank you.

Proof Positive

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I’m not sure why, but for some reason today a number of folks wrote me some very kind and grateful emails. One was particularly touching to me, and I wanted to share it (the subscriber has kindly granted me his permission to do so, as I pledged to post the entire email except for the person’s name):

Hi Tim,

Just wanted to send you a quick thank you, and a testament to how successful you and your site are, particularly this year. I haven’t always agreed with some of the comments in the comments section, and find some of the characters that spend a lot of time there downright batshit crazy (haha), but I’ve always stayed because I value your opinions and have seen good results from your ideas. And speaking of that, so far this year I’ve spent $174.75 on a gold membership at Slope and in just IYR, EWB, EWZ and EFA (four underlyings I never would have traded until you mentioned them) I’ve made $51,990.98 in realized profits YTD. Talk about money well spent.

Thank you very much and hope you have continued success throughout the rest of the year!

It is obviously very heartening to me, a one-man business owner, to receive such testimonials and know that my hard work is actually making a positive difference in the lives of those who choose to be here. Our time has finally come, and I am grateful not only for your presence but for your positivity.