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Ethereum and Litecoin

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Since Slope Of Hope has been around longer than just about any financial blog in existence, there’s a deeply-rooted culture here. There are a lot of inside jokes and running gags, and for the longest time, I assumed the mention of “Ethereum” was one of them. Just goes to show how out of it I am, because Ethereum is, in fact, one of the hot virtual currencies out there, and I took it upon myself to add it to SlopeCharts, which is getting better by the day.

You can now punch in $ETH for Ethereum……..



Bitcoin Briefing

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One of my readers sent me this email, and I asked him permission to post it, which he kindly gave:

I’ve read a few times that your bloggers/commenters do not understand how bitcoin works but they will trade it anyway. I know pretty extensively how bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies work. Being a bitcoin/litecoin miner and promoter from years ago I thought I’d let you know a few things. If you want me to elaborate let me know but I felt compelled to email you a few things. (more…)

Aussie Dollar Hinting at Further Weakness for China & Australia

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For many years, the charts have shown that, as China’s Shanghai Index (SSEC) goes, so goes Australia’s Composite Index (AORD), as shown on the multi-year comparison graph below.

However, a closer look at the following year-to-date comparison graph reveals that SSEC’s attempts to continue to advance fizzled in mid-April and is now flat for the year, while AORD remains a bit more elevated. (more…)