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It Must be a Gold Bull Market, Because…

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Dear SoH, I know this is somewhat Gary-specific, or Gary-indulgent, but I like to hammer everybody over the head in none-too-subtle ways now and then…

It must be a gold bull market because…

  • Gold analysts (code for gold obsessives; analysts cover asset markets, including gold), who for years pumped people to be bullish despite an obvious bear market, are now taken seriously again as they issue the same dogma.
  • A Technical Analyst months ago advised “30,000 coffins” would be needed for gold bugs and has since gone quiet while another is bearish, no bullish, no bearish again, no bullish again. Charts are only one component of gold market management, but the TA’s are again enthralling the gold community with lines and squiggles.
  • Yet another gold bug TA somehow manages to tie in cycles and God for a bullish view of gold and silver and a 2016 crash for world markets. There’s a niche for everything, I guess.
  • The major media as well is in obsession mode, as we find out about bullish calls on gold by people smarter than we are, like Soros, Gundlach and Druckenmiller.
  • And to balance it all out, there is a man and his computer advising that gold has not yet seen its cycle lows.