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Island Reversal in Euro

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Good morning, Slopers.

It’s very fashionable, I realize, to be madly in love with the US dollar and commit all kinds of atrocities against the Yen and Euro, but for the moment, I really think these latter two currencies have a chance at a turnaround.

Looking at the FXE (which is the ETF for the Euro – – kind of a poor man’s way of trading the forex), it has completed an island reversal. Going long the FXE with a stop at 102.69 seems like a pretty interesting low-risk trade.


There’s Some Irony Here

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Given the fact our forthcoming president is a real estate mogul, it’s amusing that the industry most vulnerable to a big price drop is, in fact, real estate (I’ve already witnessed it here in the Silicon Valley, where prices started slipping this summer).

Back on October 21st, before the election, I suggested SRS as a buy. It’s up about 13% in that very short amount of time, and I think there’s plenty more to come.