Chart From The Comments (Weekend Edition)

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Just in case you missed these, here is a quick look at a selection of charts posted in the SOH comment section over the weekend. I cut this post off Sunday afternoon only because it had become a tad long.

osbournecox posted:

We just kissed that ES upper channel line. Really weak close but all of the big boys were absent so it might be
dangerous to read too much into it.

Personally, I'm happy to be
flat, having taken some nice profits. If we crash on Tuesday, then I
miss out. But I still have a hunch that we get a relief rally.


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TheKing posted:

I'm watching MBFI. I'm looking for either a break below support or a
right shoulder, then break


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I'm shorting XME on a break of 43. Not quite a double top, but close
enough. Looking for a target south of 30.


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Hugo Figuyr posted:

I've noticed something over the years that I would like to toss at
y'all. Many times a higher high, followed by a lower low, acts as a
bounce. I've attached a simple chart to attempt to demonstrate this
idea. It shows the recent HS pattern, so we could end up breaking down
through the support. Classic charting technique requires three points
for a trend line to have any validity. I'm using a line chart here, as
it seems to work best to show y'all what I'm trying to express.


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redvettes notes that the "13/34 weekly cross pretty much there" (link to his chart)

C C Rider pointed out a Double Top pattern on Amazon's weekly chart:

AMZN double top, target 90


Ricco posted:

SH (non leveraged short of the SP500) is looking good


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tnrevolution posted:

I'm sure this has already been discussed,
but the McCLellan Oscillator is sporting a powerful positive
divergence…. If we don't resume falling off a cliff on Tuesday, then
the Revolution is eying adding some ERX to the positions I opened up on
Thur/Fri. Blasphemous as it may be, I'm continuing to believe a month
long bounce may be in the works here.


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