Charts From The Comments (Friday)

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A quick round-up of various charts posted to the comment section of SOH on Friday. Enjoy and discuss.

Hugo Figuyr posted:

I posted this chart last night…but it was a bit different…Spring
Jack mentioned "Very striking resemblance between the 66 – 82 period and
now, but you'd expect that to an extent as that was a secular bear
market following a major leverage-fueled market top"

question is..Are we running out of fuel?


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jayinasia posted:

TAZ was looking for a WAG. I know he'd rather have Tim's but here's one
for posterity.


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jesterx posted:

I have been long the Aussie $ Dollar since about the 0.83 level. I have
raised my stop on this bad boy and locked in some profits, but when I
took a closer look at the chart today I noticed something very
interesting!!!! Take a peek at the AUD chart below.


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elliott_surfs posted:

What is going on in me mind.


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brentos posted:

Holding GDX calls into Monday. I'm seeing an IH&S – got in near the
bottom of the up-trending channel waiting to see if it holds – will take
some off at 51.54 and wait for target area on chart for 2nd half. Have a good weekend everyone.


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